Last Minute Cast Iron Supper

Posted by Phil on December 2nd, 2009 | Cooking

I got back late yesterday evening to my cold and empty Houston swamphouse.   About to park it on the couch and let the plasma trance begin, I spotted my clean and oiled cast iron pot sitting on the stove.   I felt like doing something productive, and had been hearing alot about braising/roasting..

I’m not really one for recipes, I read alot of them and try to remember ingredients but I never want to follow one when I get that kind of inspiration.  Here’s my recipe:

If its a little too late to be cooking dinner, cold outside, and you’re already wearing your evening pants, put on a hat and go to Kroger.  Buy two split chicken breasts, an onion, green onion, carrots, garlic, and chicken stock.  After seasoning the chicken by a quick spastic rummage through your cabinet, brown it in oil, and set it aside.  Then chop up the vegetables throw them into the spicy oil with some garlic.   When that gets carmelized, or starts to fill the kitchen with smoke, put the chicken on top, pour in some chicken stock, bring to a boil, back down to a simmer, and cover for 30 minutes.

 Late Chicken Stew

Late Chicken Stew

This was a great experiment and is an excellent method for outdoor/expedition cooking.  I can’t believe this is so easy, an its bound to be one of my favorites.   Stay tuned for monthly updates in a series titled Buying Random Meats, and Putting them into Pots.

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