January 2011 Guadalupe River Trout Report

Posted by Fielding on January 25th, 2011 | Fishing

So, It is that time of year again, and by that time I mean anywhere between November and March when the trout are in the river.

This was our first trip down in 2011, and our first trip down on a weekend in a while.  It wasn’t as packed as we thought it was going to be, and not near as many TU’ers. (Trout Unlimited lease members).

So… to the goods-

The weather was dreary, cloudy, a front about to blow in with some rain, and the fish were still all morning.  No one on the river was catching much, until about 11 AM.  A guy fishing with what appeared to be a deep diving “bass imitation” (read grean lure) hooked up with the first trout that we saw.  About 15 inches.

A few minutes later, using a similar yet branded (RAPALA) deep diving Shad Rap, also Bass imitation design, pulled in what we like to call a ‘slab’.  It was the first time on that river I have caught a keeper trout- over 18 inches.

And unfortunately no pictures.  It flopped out of the net and busted the line.  And made off with the last deep diver I had.  I had a mid and a shallow, and unfortunately, neither of those drag the bottom in the deeper water, which is apparently the best way to catch a trout in the Guadalupe–silver shad rap casted down river, reeled up river, dragging the bottom.

Luckily, this started a small little spree of fish.  My brother pictured here catching the next trout on his fly rod.  I believe a black mid sized wooly booger.

I went on down river fishing to have a slow afternoon, and my brother caught a few more.

Our friend Kenneth, who accompanied us after a previous day of duck hunting in El Campo, was on his first Trout Expedition.  Also, his first Guadalupe River Fishing Trip.

He reeled in this nice one: I went and picked up a few more deep runner Rapala’s, (silver, brown, bass, and a metallic one)going to try them out in a few weeks.  Maybe give a nice review of how they performed.  Until then-

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