The Sportsman Dispatch Mission

Posted by admin on September 14th, 2010 | Expedition

The Sportsman Dispatch was created out of a pure passion for the outdoors, the people who love it, and the gear that facilitates that love.

The Sportsman Dispatch is one solution to a disheartening realization.  Our entire planet, and most of its wilderness, has already been discovered, and more than likely already been fished, hunted, filmed, climbed, categorized, rediscovered, hated, loved, forgotten, and remembered.  With the exception of small corners and nooks of great expanses, the writers (and readers) of this publication will NOT be the first (and more than likely be the 25th in line of) people to cover a subject, write about a stream, or praise a certain species.

Therefore, our writers must cover the discovered world in a way that connects with its reader base in an entirely different way.  There IS something missing from sportsman pursuits these days, something this publication will focus on identifying.

Whatever the type of fish, gun, gear, there is someone and 25 others who have devoted their lives to understanding every single aspect of that niche.  These are the experts, the pro’s, the “rockstars”.  But hunting and fishing did not start out as rockstar pursuits.  Somewhere along down the line, these sports became technical, exclusive, and, intentionally or not, competitive.  Such a progression is natural, once you discover how to catch a fish, you learn how to flyfish, then you learn how to catch a trout on fly, then a trout on the Guadelupe River on fly, then a trout on fly on the Guadalupe river in the rain… and as time goes on all sports like this naturally become technical.

In contrast, this publication will be devoted to an unraveling of the exclusive/specialized web around most of these sports and present a different sort of passionate pursuit.  Maintaining a healthy focus on the equipment and tactical necessities of our sports, and the obsessions they usually inspire, the Sportsman Dispatch will reflect an outdoor culture of decades past.

What the editor and writers of this publication believe is that the sportsman pursuits are a lifestyle that is so natural, inclusive, and normal that they become part of every person who is exposed to them.  They take shape whenever, wherever, in a Patagonia stream or county road creek, in the exact same way. These are lifetime fascinations that allow us to get together, learn about and work towards success at something, anything.  Its both an obsession for the sport, and the practiced belief that what’s important is sharing it, having fun, and having it as a part of regular life. 100 years ago, someone went hunting with friends because they had some time off, it was that time of the year, they had an ordinary love of the outdoors, and wanted to go mess around for a while.  I feel more connected to that idea than anything.

I don’t count the number of bass I’ve caught, or the places I’ve been, but I do remember every fish and the lure it ate in every picture, because I was happy when I was there, and, just like I am a human, American, or coffee drinker, I am a fisherman.

These “dispatches” will, together, build a resource to represent what we know is true.

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