Jack County Monster Boar

Posted by Will on April 7th, 2010 | Hunting

Febuary 15, 2010

Jacksboro, Texas – I left East Texas on a Friday after a night of rare snowing to go to our deer camp for a weekend of deer hunting with my dad.   I got to the camp a little early that evening, so I didn’t even change out of my traveling clothes, I just grabbed my 7mag and jumped on the 4 wheeler and took off towards a deer stand.

Big tracks in the snow..

On my way to the stand, I noticed huge tracks in the snow following the road, then they turned and headed towards a feeder.  I didn’t plan to hunt that stand, but I figured I’d at least go take a look and see.  I killed the 4 wheeler in the road and started crunching through the snow towards the feeder.

I followed the tracks towards the feeder until I rounded a corner and could see where the feeder was.  When I got the feeder in view, I could see an animal under it.  I crouched down, I put a big bush between me and the feeder, and walked right towards him so if it heard me, it wouldn’t be able to see me.  With snow everywhere, I was wearing a black Carhartt jacket, blue jeans, work boots, and a hat, no gloves, no face mask, no camo, nothing you would find me wearing on a normal planned hunt.

Walking in the snow was really dang loud, I didn’t think there would be any way I could sneak up on any wild animal.  I got about 50 yards from the feeder and I stepped sideways from the bush to take another look, and it was still there, still moving around and not alarmed.  I could tell he was big, but didn’t realize how big.  The brush was thick from that angle, but I could tell it was a hog for sure.  Our landowner hates hogs and wants us to kill as many as possible, so I aimed freehanded into the bushes, waited until he was either facing me or facing away, I couldn’t tell which, and shot right in the middle of the black blob through the brush.


I instantly started running towards him while reloading, but instead of a small pig squealing and limping off, I found a massive boar on the ground kicking in red snow. I watched him at gunpoint for about 5 minutes before I went back for the 4 wheeler, my heart racing like wildfire.  He was dead as a doornail with a good sized hole in his head. There was no way I was going to be able to lift him, so I had to drag him back to the camp behind the 4 wheeler since I was alone.

He weighed 300 lbs on the scale and had 2 1/4″ bottom cutters.  I didn’t skin him, so I still don’t know where I hit him other than the big hole in his head. I didn’t see any other holes, exit or entrance.  I cut his head off the next day after pictures with plans to skull mount him.  It’s the biggest hog I’ve ever seen, much less killed, and even being skunked all weekend on deer, I was excited and happy with my trophy boar.

The Author, Will, and the Trophy Boar

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