About The Sportsman Dispatch

Posted by admin on February 2nd, 2010 | Uncategorized

The Sportsman Dispatch is a WIP publication concept for the outdoor sportsman pursuits: hunting, fishing, cooking, and outdoor gear.

In monthly/quarterly editions, this site will feature stories from “writers” around the world – feature stories on places and people, gear reviews, thoughts and rants, tactical advice, conservation news, recipes.. anything and everything that a sportsman identifies with, can use, or digests simply as fuel for the lifestyle fire.

After a formal launch, and as a functional business model, The Sportsman Dispatch will remain a free-to-the-public site generating operating revenues from site advertisement placements. These ads, primarily from outdoor industry companies and organizations, will remain small, organized, non-invasive, and flash/animation-free.

In the first editions of the Sportsman Dispatch, the editor and writers will diligently craft a working concept for a potentially revolutionary publication.

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